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To a Tolerable Degree [Apr. 5th, 2006|06:42 pm]
Fans of Renée


On a bus
Destination: nowhere, really
Humming to myself
As the miles passed us by

They mistook us for lovers
And I soon discovered
What I’d been missing
And I sat reminiscing
About all the times
My love had faded
And how it would not
Let it happen once again

So I was waiting so long, so long
Waiting, waiting, waiting to be spoken to.
And for those One hundred and
Eighty Minutes, I tried to
Assemble courage to ask your name

And so I waited
And the time passed,
Even slower and slower then
Than it had been before.

Soon I saw the sign which embraced
Us into Tadoussac and I knew my time
Would soon run out
And you would get up and walk on out of my life.

And now I just pray that you will read this
And realize how much of an impression
You left on my heart.
And once you hear these words,
That I was not able to utter,
I hope that they will guide your heart to me,
Over the border and into my arms.